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Why Certified Drone Pilots?

At Certified Drone Pilots, we transcend conventional methods, offering an efficient, secure, and cost-effective approach to data gathering in Leicester. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through a perfect safety track record, making us a Gold Member of the Drone Safe Register, manned by GVC-qualified pilots, and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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Perfect safety track record | CAA Approved | T: (0116) 271 9993

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Unparalleled Expertise & Technology

Experienced professionals

Our team, comprised of experienced professionals, harnesses the latest in drone technology. Specialised equipment, including the Zenmuse P1 and Matrice 300, enables us to offer a suite of unique commercial services designed to meet the needs of your business or project with efficiency.

Our Specialised Drone Video Services in Leicestershire

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We offer a diverse range of services, including:

3D Mapping/Photogrammetry: We offer stunning and detailed 3D models that are invaluable for architects and property developers. Visualise your project from the air, and make planning as efficient and detailed as ever. 

GPS Surveys: We utilise the latest GPS technology to ensure precision in location-based data, enhancing the accuracy of your projects.

Boundary Surveys: Define project boundaries with confidence, utilising our drone capabilities for comprehensive surveys.

Orthomosaic Mapping: Gain a bird's-eye view with highly detailed, accurate, and stitched-together maps for better project insights.

Real Estate Services: Beyond aesthetic planning, our high-tech drones can be used to locate leaks and assess properties for a range of real estate needs.

Land Surveys: Facilitate environmental assessments with our drone surveys, providing critical data for land-use planning.

…And so much more. Explore our service pages to get a fuller picture of what we have to offer.

Why Choose Certified Drone Pilots for Drone Services in Leicestershire?

Our specialised services, coupled with cutting-edge technology and an experienced team, ensure your projects receive the attention they deserve. By seamlessly integrating drone mapping, video services, and surveys, we empower you with real-time access to precise data for informed decision-making.

Unlock Precision, Explore Possibilities

Contact us today to elevate your projects with our specialised drone services in Leicestershire, and get a free consultation and quote!

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Importance of drone surveys for your project.


Utilising cutting-edge drone technology, we capture high-resolution topographical survey data, providing a precise overview of your site.

This enables you to stay informed and make improved decisions in real-time

Opting for a solution from Certified Drone Pilots can enhance data understanding, minimise risk, promote collaboration, and meet project deliverables efficiently.

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Superior Service Commitment 

Our drone pilots are fully committed to excellence. Using the latest in drone technology to capture high resolution, accurate aerial data to match your specifications, leading to reliable drone mapping data assessments. 

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Ultra High Quality

We take pride in utilising top-tier drone technology, such as the Matrice 300 RTK system. The P1 system has a Full Frame Sensor, ensuring centimetre-level precision for data surveys and marketing materials.

Our H20 Series Camera System is a game-changer for various applications, excelling in tasks like inspecting roofs and monitoring traffic. With dedicated lenses it enhances efficiency and aids accurate decision-making in property maintenance and development. The thermal imaging capabilities also extend to identifying energy inefficiencies and improving search and rescue missions, adding functionality beyond the visual spectrum.

At Certified Drone Pilots, our top-tier equipment sets us apart. We deliver more accurate results, outshining many drone companies that lack the specialised equipment and experience needed for precision services.

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““The drone data capture service and software from Certified Drone Pilots enabled us to expedite the infrastructure design program and also provided a robust tool for upcoming public consultations”

Mark Linseed, East Brawley Head of Construction”

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