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Offering a range of bespoke drone technology services from construction sites, buildings, agriculture, roads, aerial inspections and surveys - simply fill out your requirements on the form below.

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If you don't hear back within 3 business days after submitting your enquiry, feel free to contact us directly at:


Phone | Direct: 07474 255970

SMS Service: 07588 674596

Our team of specialised trained drone pilots are fully experienced and comply to all safety aspects and carry themselves in a professional manner. 



What are the steps after submitting the form?

Our experts will check location air restrictions, may ask a few more details and send a quotation based on your project requirements.

I do not have a set date, can we still message you?

Yes of course, typically scheduling projects depend on a few factors ie availability of our trained pilots, weather and permissions. Progress reports can vary hence shooting can span across a number of days.

What are the travel costs associated?

Travel is calculated at 40p per mile return from our Leicester Office